Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thoughts on a rainy Sunday afternoon

I woke up late this morning (past 9am) to the sound of the rain pouring on the plastic surface outside our balcony. I wanted to go back hugging my super fluffy pillow, but as much as I wanted to, my stomach was already hankering for some eggs, a pack of Flat Tops, a warm cup of green tea, and a sausage. I had what I want for breakfast, except the sausage -.- 

This has really been a great week, despite the stressful environmental condition and the ever changing weather. I was able to meet up with some good friends and catch up, I enjoyed the conversation I had with my special man, my family is doing great and everyone's healthy, and I finally got myself the pair of shorts I wanted to buy, haha.

God has given me so much, I feel happy and contented :) Yes, there might be some problems or other obstacles along the way, but faith, desire, and his guidance would always help me make it through. I love it :)

What are you grateful for to your God today? :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

List of Romantic Love Songs

I used to like listening to sad jazzy love songs and rock rebel music, (I'd sometimes even wear black eyeliner to match the mood lol) but some 'magic' must have happened cause now I am SO in love with romantic love songs. I've been listening to a bunch of love songs from wonderful artists for five (5) consecutive months already. It's so cool. I also found joy singing to their tracks in front of the mirror, haha! I love it how the positive lyrics and the wonderful melodies give my me a positive mental attitude towards love. You should try it too! :) 

Here's a list of (love) songs for your hearing pleasure :)

1.) Rush Rush- Paula Abdul

2.) When a Man Loves a Woman- Michael Bolton
3.) Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Garden
4.) Give in to Me- Faith Hill
5.) It's your Love- Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
6.) Heaven by your Side- A1
7.) Your Love is the greatest gift of All- Michelle Wright
8.) Like only a woman Can- Brian McFadden
9.) When I met You- Apo Hiking Society
10.) Just the way you Are- Billy Joel
11.) Amazed- Lone Star
12.) I wanna be your Everything- Keith Urban1
3.) Your Love Amazes me- John Berry
14.) Back at One- Brian McKnight
15.) Crash Into Me- Dave Matthews Band

So there you go, you might wanna try listening to some of these good picks :)