Friday, May 31, 2013

More than Jewels by Bart Lacap

I was browsing for quotes in Facebook when I suddenly came across this beautiful poem. It really got me.
You guys should check this out =)
More than Jewels

If ever I should fall in love
And my heart taken from its place,
May it then be of things above,
With beauty and amazing grace.

And if someday these things be found
Within a woman's company,
May she then be of wisdom, crowned
Who loves the Lord God more than me.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Like what Esther Hicks have said so many times, "words don't teach", it is through our personal experiences that we really learn our valuable lessons.

I've only been in two relationships, both of which weren't serious.

I used to wonder why I attracted the same type of person and situations before, later realizing it was all because I did the same mistake of forgetting my worth and placing a low value on myself after the first one hit hard. That was the reason why I almost had the 'same picture' with the one who came after him (but he was so much better and was a nice guy, but I didn't really like him that much). I should have known I can't expect someone to love me without learning to love myself again first. I unconsciously tried to resolve past issues by jumping into another relationship. I should've gave myself time and allowed the previous scars to heal first.

I really really regret the reckless decisions I made..
Shame on me.
ba't ba hindi ko pa ginawa yung matagal ko ng dapat na ginawa, ba't nagdalawang isip pako. ba't di ko nalang sinunod yung sinasabi ng sarili ko. di sana hindi na nadagdagan yung mga maling desisyong ginawa ko. :-l
..But at the same time I'm also thankful that this has taught me a jar of lessons :

What the jar contains:

- Know and value your worth.
- Always be careful when it comes to making important decisions.
- Resolve previous issues first before getting into a new relationship, allow time to naturally heal the wounds first, or else you'll regret it.
- Don't get into something you're uncertain of.
- Learn to forgive yourself
- Be grateful of the things you've learned
- Seek guidance from God

What's done is done, I'm over everything that has happened, and I'm really glad I am :)  it just happened that I suddenly thought about it. I was posting ads when this popped into my mind. Hmm. I wonder why.


It's a beautiful evening, hope you had a great day =) 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

4th of May

It just gets more exciting everyday :D