Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday Afternoon Thoughts

Lost time is never found again- Benjamin Franklin

Time is precious, time is gold. Unfortunately, not all of us realize the importance of spending time wisely, cause most of us are all busy spending it imprudently.

The quote pretty much explains itself well. Once we lose the time to say what we need to say, or do what we have to do at a particular moment, there’s no getting that particular time back, it’s done. 


So often we are afraid to say the things we want to say, do the things we want to do, or take the risks we want to take. Why? It’s because of fear. Fear is like an invisible force that hinders our courage to do other things, and by other things, I the things outside your comfort zone, the things that require you to take risks, discover, and see what’s over there on the flip side. 

The Past

One of the reasons why some people find it hard to move forward in their lives is because they keep on living in the past which is wrong. Past is past. If we focus too much on it, we will screw our present. It’s okay to remember our past sometimes to remember the lessons we have learned, but to live in it? Definitely wrong, cause it’s already done. Our present is more important, for it is the moment, our current moment. We should enjoy this life, this present life that we’re living so that we won’t have regrets in the future..