Thursday, August 2, 2012


Just last month, I posted something about you.. how the thought of you got me staying up late, and wondering of what importance you are to whom or what. (Or to me I guess). 
I'm writing this cause I forgot to mention how strange I felt the moment I realized I was strongly attracted to you (first meeting), the energy present that time was just hard to explain. I was doing my best to appear normal. 

I've never been so attracted to anyone like that. I was loving and hating the attraction both at the same time. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photoblog: Necessary Noise

Last week, our band Necessary Noise performed at this year's CEAT General Assembly (which happened at the university grandstand), and Freshmania (which took place at Ugnayang La Salle). We had fun performing cause the crowd was awesome! :) Here are some photos, credits to Paola Mondares :)


adjust muna ng guitar..

my handsome bandmates =)

Necessary Noise family =) (drummer is missingg)

paola :))

with our amazing keyboardist wahaha

Lamex and Dan :)

with 2 of the freshmen who approached us :)