Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get organized now! :)

So. :)
Today I cleaned the room for four straight hours and I'm very happy with the result, the room now looks brand new and it smells so good, everything looks fresh and tidy. Again, I'm very happy with the result, so I would like to share with you an easy step by step procedure on how to clean your bedroom (this was how I did mine). 

Throw the unnecessary stuff away.
Scan your closet, your dresser, it's drawers, and other storage items for things that you don't find useful anymore and throw them away. This was the first thing I did, for I don't like keeping things that don't serve a purpose in my room, like bags with broken handles or old notebooks and scraps of paper. It's always good to declutter.

Sweep the floor. Sweep the whole floor of your room twice (or thrice for better results).

Empty the trash bin. Empty your trash then wash the bin. 

Get a rag and wipe your furniture
After throwing away the unnecessary items, you can now proceed to the wiping. Get a rag or any cloth and wipe your furniture, make sure to remove all the items placed on that furniture first before cleaning to make things easier. I suggest you guys to use microfiber cloths cause they're so nice that they won't be able to scratch or damage any of the surfaces.

Get a rag (again) and wipe your walls.
I know wiping walls might sound unusual to some (since it's hard to actually wipe all four walls), but it's amazing how cleaning your walls can make such a huge difference to your room, specially if your walls come in the color White, you'll notice a brighter effect. I didn't literally wipe the whole walls, but only the parts that I thought needed an extra clean. Don't forget to wipe the sides of your window, the door, light switches, and of course the door knob.

Organize your things.

Now that you've removed all the clutter, wiped your walls and furniture, it's time to organize your things. Arrange your stuff in a certain way and make it a point to always keep it that way to avoid "san ko nga ba nilagay yun?" moments. I'd also like to recommend you to invest in good storage items for they're very helpful in maintaining the neatness of your room. It's also less difficult to find things if they're stored and sorted in an orderly way, plus they can help you save space too.

Clean the electric fans or the aircon 
This is a must-do for me. If you want your room to feel clean, you have to make sure you clean the blades of your fan and wash the filters of your air conditioning unit well. As for me, I prefer using the sponge in cleaning the blades and filters, and for the actual body of the fan, and the aircon unit, I use a damp cloth. It's really important that you clean these things, I'm sure you wouldn't wanna breathe dirty air.

Do final wipings. On the furniture, the doors, the dresser, the drawers, windows, etc.. Use a new cloth for the final wiping to make things extra clean.

Put back the clean trash bin, fan blades and air con filters.

Change your sheets.

Change your sheets! :) I like this part, haha. I find changing bed sheets and pillow cases fun to do cause I'm always excited to smell the scent of my newly covered bed and pillows. This is the part where I start feeling that my room's so fine and fresh already. :)

Hope I was able to help you in some way :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hmm, something about you?

Dear sleep, will you ever love me? It's 3:14 on my watch. I hope you know I barely slept last night, and the night before that.

A stranger. I'm thinking about someone I don't know (or barely know I guess?), someone I just met. Someone who has a G-Clef tatoo on his arm, just the way I want it. I don't have the ability to read humans or anything but something tells me this person is important. I just can't figure out of what importance.

I wonder if you're thinking of me too... cause you've been running on my mind for like 5 hours already. I can't believe I'm still thinking about you. I don't wanna think about you. But I do like you. Labo ko haha.

Let's just put it this way: I'm Red, you're Blue :l


Currently listening to Soapdish right now :) I miss listening to Soapdish and other local bands/ artists.


Hmm, I think the pillows and my blanket are calling me already, this is a good sign, sleep's on the way ;)

Random thoughts, 2nd of June

(Coldplay's Shiver on replay)

I can't seem to get my lazy butt off this chair. O_O
Guess it's not my day to care. We all have those days and now's obviously my that kind of day.

Just when I thought finishing my fourth cup of coffee would make me feel better, I was wrong. It just made things worse, I'm so nervous and it's prolly because of the caffeine. I over consumed again. 

So, last last week my friend and I did a shoot for my musician's portfolio (singer/ songwriter here) and here are some of the photos :) 

I fell in love with the whole black and white thing cause it made everything look plain and simple but classy.

What else hmm.. I'm eating fries right now it's so yummyyy :) I love fries :> wish I can eat fries everyday but that'd be so unhealthy. I noticed I've been eating unhealthy foods the past few days, I'm not usually like that, I wonder what's up with my system, my body's been craving for high-calorie foods, I must be unconsciously upset or something. Cause if not I wouldn't be looking for these foods.

I'm in love with my favorite color. I just love red so much.