Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Song

YAY! :)

My new song’s called Love Letter. The lyrics are based from personal experience :c :))

Going Back…
The song is about falling out of love with someone you’ve been with for a long time, cause you realize that the “love”    is starting to fade which means to say that the relationship is not worth keeping anymore.

Sad. B.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Random as Usual

Buon giorno 

Thank God it's Saturday. 
Saturday's supposed to be a day of happy shopping. But since I ran out of moolah, guess I'll just have to go window shopping online. I should've saved earlier. :/

Christmas is getting nearer. YAY! :) I'm sure you guys are excited to give and receive gifts, I am too, haha. BUT, don't forget that Christmas isn't just about the gifts, the lights, or the food, but it's about JESUS :) Okay? Okay.

Saw this cute baby picture online, she's so cute! :)

                                           just look at the way she pouts her lips :*

Someone give me a Fairytale

Sometimes I feel like searching for that person, but realized that he should be the one searching for me.
Haha ;)

Everybody wants a fairytale.
Though sometimes I don't believe they come true, I still want one someday.