Monday, April 26, 2010

Can't sleep

Insomnia Baby.
Been thinking bout lots of things lately.
I've been telling my mind to refrain from thinking sad thoughts, but it won't listen.
I don't wanna say the word hate, but I hate being unhappy.
I hate feeling blue and ending up with a frowned face.
Feels weird when I'm sad.

Very soon I'll be in college, and I can't help but wonder what's in store for me. 

Will things change? Ugh. Dumb Question. Of course yes, it's not high school anymore.
Guess I'll have to be more responsible. BYE HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS :(
My future school is like 2 hours away from home, I'll be studying in Cavite, which means I'll be far from my family and friends. Sigh..

But I'm excited to meet my future room mates :)

Craving for pizza, ice cream, salad, beans, potato chips and yakisoba.
Good night.